Company Philosophy

Enterprise spirit

Unity, devotion, factualism and innovation

Enterprise values

I work harder than anyone else and
The company develops because of me.

Enterprise vision

A top-ranking engineering group
company in the fellow industry of China

Cultural idea

Sustainable development of enterprise
is attributed to the culture. Culture
adds color to enterprise.

Image positioning

Management scientificalization,
project perfection,
industry diversification

Talent-oriented idea

Attract the person by means of
achievements, persuade talented people
by means of causes, cultivate the
person by means of mechanism

Market-oriented idea

Safety, quality+ credit, services=market

Quality management policy

Pursue the best management,
the best products and the best services

Management-oriented idea

Create value and service the customers
Make the staff wealthy and
contribute to the society

Management style

Military style of fearing no hardships
Strict discipline of regarding
services as our utmost importance

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